Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Veronica Mars 29

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
Season 2 Episode 7

Duncan is trying to make out with Veronica on his couch as she recites along with the scene from the “Big Lebowski”. Logan comes home and gives a speech about having code words for when they want to get “frisky”. There is a knock at the door and Logan answers, its Kendall and when she comes in, she immediately recognizes Veronica. Kendall and Logan go into his room, Logan tells them his code word will be endurance. Veronica and Duncan discuss Logan sleeping with a hot chick and Duncan not being appalled. Mr. Pope displays to the class wherever student’s imaginary portfolio is at in FBLA. Keith visits Woody on the golf course at the country club. Woody offers him chief of police to the area that Woody wants to annex into Neptune. Logan explains his situation and needing her help in the girls bathroom. As she is leaving the girl’s bathroom Duncan pulls her into a classroom and tells her about Meg’s e-mails to social service about an abused child she baby-sits.

At Mars’ office, Veronica and Duncan go over what they know about the case and come up with a plan when Keith comes in telling them about being invited to the Sheriff Department Bachelor auction. Dick Jr., Cassidy, and Kendall meet with the accounting about their financial situation. Veronica calls families about babysitting for them. Gia and Veronica talk about Gia’s wit no translation and the plan a sleepover in health class. After class, Veronica offers to baby-sit for Ms. Hauser, health class teacher going through a divorce, and she declines Veronica’s offer. She baby-sits the Fuller’s son Edwin, which turns out to be a very structured and boring child. She gets a call from Duncan, when Logan comes to see her about his case. She explains to him that the id’er is a plastic surgeon, named Tom Griffith, and Logan tells her that it is not the guy from that night. The Fuller come back early, as Veronica is leaving Mr. Fuller offers her to hang out on his boat get high and have and orgy between invitation for more babysitting gigs.

Veronica e-mails Wallace with an update of her happenings. Ms Hauser receives an invitation to the bachelor auction and bumps into Veronica putting up flyers for babysitting; Ms Hauser takes one. Dick Jr. and Cassidy’s mom comes to the house to see about her boys, they want her to sign the trust. She reluctant to sign until Cassidy asks to stay with her and her new family. There is a knock at Veronica’s door, its Ms. Hauser dropping off her son. As soon as she leaves the boy starts screaming for ice cream and television, two of the things MS. Hauser forbade him from having. She takes a writing sample from Albert’s book bag. Ms. Hauser comes, picks him up, and is in a better mood, she won a date with Deputy Sachs. Veronica goes to see Dr. Griffith about getting plastic surgeon when he is called away fro surgeon. Veronica follows him to a cigar shop. Dick Jr. gives Kendall a French maid outfit to clean the house. Veronica loses him in the shop. Later that night Veronica arrives at the Goodman’s and notices many more guest shoe that expected, Gia’s reveals it’s a girl’s night with many of the 09ers that do not like Veronica. Logan and Kendall finishes having sex, she asks for money and gives him an ultimatum, he tells her when the milk stops being free he stops drinking. She gets dress and leaves as she is walking out Logan’s room she goes over to Duncan’s room. As Duncan comes out of the shower Kendall is there, naked telling him that she has an itch that needs scratching and if he had any she would return the favor. Veronica takes on of Rodney’s written notes and notices how strange the Goodman’s are as she spies on the other three Goodmans.

Kendall wipes her mouth as she’s leaving Duncan’s room, Logan asks her if she ever thought of getting a job and she replies this is my job. There is a superficial conversation about Vivian from Pretty Woman being a role model. Veronica tries to explain that Vivian was a hooker, when Dick Jr and Cassidy crash the party. Veronica decides to leave. At home, Keith and Veronica talk about clothing smelling like cigars and she explains going in to the shop to use the bathroom. He tells not to use it anymore its notorious for dealing drugs. Logan alludes to Kendall coming out of his room when Veronica comes to the hotel room. They break in Meg’s house and find the notebook hidden in the vents; Duncan takes a letter from the vent also. Veronica deduces from all the writing samples that it is a girl’s handing and Meg was covering for her sister. The find other books in Meg’s sister Grace’s room in the closet. They also find Grace hidden in a pull away panel in the wall in the closet. The try to bring Grace out but she is too scared.

As Veronica is calling, the police they are discover by Meg’s dad, he makes them get on the floor. Sheriff Lamb arrives and as he is arresting her and Duncan, she tells him about the hidden room in the closet. Lamb comes back and finds the room, as Meg’s dad tells him that he has no right to search his house, Lamb tells him he heard the same thing from his father once and Leaves. Lamb drives Veronica and Duncan around the corner, releases them and drives off. Lamb goes and sits outside of the residence.

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